How It All Began

December 13, 2017

It happened five years ago while shopping. I was just like any other fresh graduate in our first job and looking to get myself a nice looking luxury watch that could impress my peers and clients alike. Like how it is, the kind of watch you wear as a working professional portrayed status, wealth and image at work. Sometimes it even decides whether or not you close that important deal. And because like every entry point job, we had to do all kinds of jobs ranging from data entry to sales. So I started looking for a watch that was premium-looking, inexpensive and yet versatile for all occasions. 

While window shopping around the 'luxury' boutique stores admiring those beautiful timepieces, it was immediately burned into ashes the moment I read the price tag. 

Every watch that I liked and thought would look good on me me had a four-figure price tag, if not more. The cheapest model I wanted had a price tag close to $1,500. The best part? The most expensive models were priced at $15,000 (!!) and up.  

It was crazy. How could I even afford it?

I was just a fresh graduate holding my first job at that time, trying to pick up a few nice watches that would help me look classy, stand out from the crowd, go well with my dress clothes and maybe even get me some more respect at my job. It would be perfect if I could dress down the watch after work or on a lazy casual afternoon on the weekend as well.

However, there was no way I could ever afford the insane price tags for a ‘quality’ watch.

So I thought to myself: "Why don't I just make one myself?"

The rest is history. 

It was simple: there wasn’t a product out there that had what we wanted so we made it. We're obsessed with making the best possible product and we did that by considering our pain points when wearing a watch. We tried our very best to solve those problems, added what we felt was missing from most watches in the market, and made improvements to what we felt was sub-par quality. Not only did we carry out extensive research, conduct surveys and consolidate data — we made countless design revisions until we were convinced it was closest to what people wanted and needed.

To help other similar working professionals who like us, couldn't afford that watch they have been eyeing for 2 years and more, we decided to make our watches affordable for all, by cutting out the middlemen. We sell and ship all our watches via our online boutique directly to customers. 

This means you get a $1,500+ handcrafted luxury timepiece without the luxury markup. 

It also means that you don’t have to enter depression again every time you want to buy a high quality watch. And you don’t have to settle for cheap watches that break after a few months or even weeks of use.

Now, you can have the best of both worlds.

This is how we do things here at Tyche. 


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